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FRANSOR INDUSTRIE has a mechanical workshop which allows us to work on parts to work on individual parts or in large series. The mechanical workshop has several lathes (digital and conventional), milling machines, grinding machines, etc. which are which are used for the production of our parts.<br>FRANSOR has the capacity to machine parts in bars up to 55mm.FRANSOR has a sandblasting service, controls, etc.

FRANSOR has a strategic stock of metals to respond to any emergency for customers.

The various machines in the workshops are regularly checked (maintenance, etc.) and calibrated for repeatability and stability in manufacturing.

The different workshops of FRANSOR INDUSTRIE :


The starting point of a manufacturing process, the components of an alloy are weighed on precision scales in order to respect the specifications of the customers, our scales are Cofrac certified and regularly revised.

FRANSOR has several types of furnaces adapted to our range of products, from low temperature to very high temperature, vacuum furnaces, continuous casting vacuum furnaces, annealing furnaces, etc.

The mastery of alloy manufacturing (more than 500 different alloys) is a considerable asset for our customers.


We process precious, semi-precious and base metals with the help of machines that we regularly purchase to ensure that our quality remains impeccable.

Fransor manufactures custom-made parts from its raw materials.

There are two main cases. In the first case, Fransor produces the material and in the second case it transforms it in the foundry, to give it a specific shape that will then be worked on its different rolling mills.

The metals that Fransor processes most often are: Indium, Gold, Silver and Lead.


In its stamping workshop Fransor has about 20 mechanical presses with more than 150 stamping tools (washers, discs, frames, squares, rectangles, etc.). Fransor manufactures these cutting and stamping tools in its mechanical workshop.

Fransor also has precision lasers adapted for thinner thicknesses.


In its mechanical workshop Fransor has more than 30 conventional or digital machines of the following types: machining centers, bar turning with bars up to 55mm in diameter, lathes, different types of grinding machines, milling machines, sandblasters, shears, etc. 

We have the capacity to produce by the unit, small or large series. We also manufacture tools for presses (stamping, etc.).


Fransor Industrie has a workshop to control the conformity of our products internally as well as an external service. Quality and customer satisfaction are at the center of our strategy.

This workshop has several last generation machines such as an elasticity and rupture machine, a roughness machine, a digital binocular, a hardness tester, a profile projector, a SEM, a brazing lab oven, etc. which are regularly checked and certified by Cofrac.

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