Fabrications adapted to your needs

Wire or bars

We manufacture wire from Ø 0.02 to 3 mm (bars over 3 mm) in the desired alloy.  
The wires are delivered by default in 250, 500 or 1000 grams spools. We can of course adapt our production to your needs, offering you the possibility of automatic use. 
Our control laboratory guarantees a constant diameter and the purity of the alloys. 
Example : The alloy “Au 232” is commonly used in France by the main manufacturers of brushes for commutators. 

The ribbons

Basic materials for cutting preforms, FRANSOR INDUSTRIE ribbons are manufactured in a large number of alloys (see catalog). 

We manufacture ribbons with a thickness of 10 µm to 3 mm and a width of 0.20 mm to 150 mm. The ribbons are delivered by default in 125 or 250 grams reels. We can of course adapt our production to your needs. 

Our equipment allows the precise cutting of solder tabs facilitating the validation of a process at the lowest cost.

Preform and cutting tools

Ideal for guaranteeing a constant supply of weld, the preforms are controlled cuts made on demand. 

They are adapted to your installation techniques and ensure speed, quality and reproducibility of brazing. 

The most common shapes are disks, rounds, squares, rectangles and frames.  

FRANSOR INDUSTRIE makes its own cutting tools and can thus ensure any special cutting in a very short time. 

Our mastery of laser cutting on all types of metals allows us to realize all shapes according to your specific needs.

The thickness of the preforms can vary from 15 µm to 200 µm. 

There is no real minimum size that cannot be achieved. It all depends on the material and the thickness. 


FRANSOR INDUSTRIE will direct you to its bar turning workshop if the size or shape of your part requires it (rivets for example). FRANSOR has a lathe for automatic machining of parts with bars up to 55mm in diameter. . 

Manufacture of balls up to 5mm in diameter

Our different lead-free alloys

Since July 1, 2006, the directive 2002/95 EC (ROHS), imposes the restriction of hazardous substances such as lead and cadmium in electronic and electrical equipment. 

FRANSOR INDUSTRIE masters today the substitution alloys and can advise you on the composition of your alloy and realize it.

FRANSOR INDUSTRIE maîtrise aujourd’hui les alliages de substitution et peut vous conseiller sur la composition de votre alliage et le réaliser. 

Quelques exemples d’alliages sans plomb : 

Ternary alloys:

• Sn/Ag/Cu 

Example Sn/Ag(3.5-3.8)/Cu(0.7-1) Melting temperature around 217°C(E) Alloys recognized as standard. 

Other forms of alloys :

Other alloys based on tin + addition of various elements such as nickel, bismuth, aluminum, indium, zinc can also be made on your request. 

Binary alloys: 

SnAg : Example Sn96.5Ag Melting temperature 221°C (E) Classic alloy 

SnCu : Example Sn97Cu Melting temperature 230-250°C Alloy used in plumbing 

SnSb : Example Sn95Sb Melting temperature 230-240°C Alloy with a very good mechanical resistance 

Pure or Alloy Indium

The performance of FRANSOR INDUSTRIE in the work of pure indium or in alloy is recognized today for its manufacture of wires, ribbons or preforms to your dimensions. 

The packaging is studied and adapted to the characteristics of this metal according to the requested shape. Our production capacity adapts to your needs and can supply, in record time, design offices in very small quantities or industrial companies in very large quantities. 

Any questions?

For any kind of diameter, thickness or preform, our technicians will be happy to answer you.

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