Created on October 4, 1962 under the name FRANCO-SUISSE DENTAIRE S.A.R.L., the company’s purpose was to market precious alloys imported from Switzerland.

FRANCO-SUISSE DENTAIRE was the first company to introduce the use of high-tech dental alloys in France, allowing for more and more aesthetic mouth work. The use of such precious alloys was hardly developed in France at that time.


On December 20, 1965, the S.A.R.L. became a S.A.


Since 1969, FRANCO-SUISSE has developed its own range of precious and semi-precious alloys, previously imported from Switzerland, in its 1800 m² covered factory.

Its strong reputation allowed the company to create the Industry department for precision parts mainly for electronics, using precious and semi-precious metals.

FRANCO-SUISSE becomes FRANSOR S.A., this name being more adapted to an industrial clientele and to the big groups of the French industry.


In July 2003, FRANSOR INDUSTRIE was certified ISO 9001 version 2000 thanks to a quality approach and a continuous improvement of its services to industrial and dental customers.


In October 2017, FRANSOR INDUSTRIE was taken over by FRANSOR GROUP.


The new management has implemented a new 5-year strategic plan (2019 – 2023) by improving the quality of its products/services, which allowed FRANSOR INDUSTRIE to obtain the EN 9100 version 2018 certification in December 2019.


Fransor Industrie is now modernized with the acquisition of new state-of-the-art machines and hopes to have the opportunity to expand into other countries in the coming years.
FRANSOR has initiated the work to move to Industry 4.0 as well as a CSR approach.

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