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About Fransor Industrie

Fransor Industrie was founded in France in 1962. Since then, we have expanded our activities in the industrial and dental fields to offer you even more products and services. We supply our customers worldwide with high quality metals, alloys and other materials for research, development and advanced production activities in science and industry.

We have extensive experience with pure and alloyed indium.

Georges FAHED – General Manager at Fransor Industrie

The Fransor Industrie advantage


FRANSOR INDUSTRIE has a great experience for more than twenty years, in the elaboration and the transformation of pure or alloyed Indium, in a multitude of finished products (washer, wire, preform, etc)

All our products are manufactured in our premises located in Colombes, France.

The packaging of our products is specific and is adapted to the finished product to preserve it and facilitate its use without deterioration. The packaging can also be customized according to the customer’s needs.

Do not hesitate to ask us for a quote for any diameter, thickness or preform.

An experience at your disposal

FRANSOR has more than 50 years of experience in rolling and cutting ribbons and preforms in a multitude of pure or alloyed metals such as Indium, Silver, Gold, Copper (OFHC, CuC1, UBe2…), from 0,015 mm thickness and a maximum width of 400 mm.

There is no minimum or maximum size. The dimensions depend on the mechanical characteristics of each metal or alloy.

Our rolling shop is at your disposal to transform metal supplied by us or your metal into plate, strip, etc. to your dimensions.

In all our alloys, we are able to provide you with tubes for crimping, seals, etc.

Our laboratories and technical service are at your disposal to answer all your requests for metal transformation.

Custom manufacturing

With the arrival of new customers, Fransor Industrie tries to meet the full range of their needs. That’s why we offer a full range of custom processing products and services to develop customized products in any quantity required. We help each of our customers by always seeking to identify the most suitable solution for each application.

In addition to supplying materials, we also offer custom manufacturing solutions, including precision machining, coating and surface treatments.

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